Celina Timmerman is a Junior Fine Arts major at Ball State University. Most of her work centers around photography and painting. The work that she has featured on thread is entitled, "LaVelle." The following is a first person bio from the artist. 


 "I've never really considered myself an artist up until I started college. Before attending Ball State I always created pretty work that never had much meaning. Now as an artist my goal is to create art that others can connect with. I'm very interested  in dissecting the meaning of beauty in today's society. As a photographer I try to use diverse models. My goal is to celebrate women of all ages, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, abilities, races, body types and more. As a woman of color I want to show the world that not just blonde hair, blue eyed, super thin white women are the only ones that are considered beautiful. I also want to end stereotypes about women of color and I also want to understand other women's struggles with beauty or their successes. My goal is to begin working with these ideas in my other mediums.