Natali Cavanagh "American Colors"


American Colors

    I thank god every day for those Neutrogena skin shade finders they put in drugstore
makeup aisles. Because hell if I have time to figure out what the real difference is between
“natural ivory” and “buff.”
    I figured out in junior high that foundation is like dating; it takes a long time to find out
what works and what doesn’t. My friends told me to test the color by dabbing just a little bit on
the back of my hand. Try liquid, then powder, and it’s okay if none of those work, because
there’s BB cream and CC cream, too. In shades like “honey” and “fresh beige” and “chestnut,”
there’s something for everyone.
    There’s something for everyone. The problem is the aisles in fancy places like Sephora
and Ulta are always stretched thin and the lights are always too hot and the mirrors are always
too bright. All the colors blur together into a Seurat-like painting. And I wouldn’t even know
where to begin looking for something.
    The Neutrogena shade finders in drugstore aisles made everything easy; the one I used
when I was thirteen had tiny tinted see-through windows, so you could press your skin against it
and see if it matched. Like magic, the box would tell me what foundation to buy, the best blush
for my skin tone, the right bronzer.
    Perfect, magic boxes. In just fifteen or so colors.... open the below PDF to read more