Anna Marie Mitchel "Embodiment"


unflesh me from this humble origin story

sweep my cracked exoskeleton across the floor


i have no need of it.


let it collect dirt and dust

let it heap with grime

let it become unrecognizable


i want to be more


than this body

than this abrahamic sense of self

than my parents failed relationship


than this heartburn

burning its way up my throat

to a whimper


let me conjure up

an open-eyed



let me grip tight with tendons flexed

to the point of breaking



until i hold within my grasp

something real beyond

any visceral meaning


let it please be mine,

and mine,

and mine.


then when i creak out of bed in the morning

exoskeleton heaped with dirt and dust

let me know what it is to be

fully embodied.


Hannah Schneider