Arielle Tipa "Dragoon Divine"

Dragoon Divine

divinity-klept baroness lays highbrow and cavern-cornered, embracing
her stout clown – portly and with hands gentle, eyes glazed
for his Mistress Monsoon, Duchess of None-Shall-Enter
here is where She, all ruffled and collared tight, bound –
bound by sordid lords, bespectacled Bretwalda and gods unannounced
no anointed forces nor lock-and-key breaks her, she dives low

and into
Crusades Craved

upon backs of beasts, rein-less and rude
roaring and rearing for mercy from merciless Mother
She scorches the godless, the grappling, the grisly
and like Gorgon She builds mounds, mouths of stone
and anoints her new bedlam of bones