Emma Anger "Ghost"


In this series titled "Ghost", I was inspired by the song "Dunes" by Alabama Shakes, specifically the lyrics, 

"Somewhere in me, 
A memory I cannot gather anymore. 
my, my
Quiet and empty." 

          I was inspirited to create a narrative of a ghost forgotten over time. When I hear these haunting words in the song, I visualize a ghost story. To me, a ghost can exist in the walls of a home. The physical space is what keeps them there, and they become part of the house itself. They become the walls, the stairs, the doorways, etc. They are so bound to the physical space that the distinction between the soul and the physical space inside a house comes blurred. The house becomes a vehicle in which the ghost experience life after death. When I hear these lyrics, I see a ghost who is been bound to a home for song long that their existence is blurred and fading. I see the lost memories of someone who is long forgotten, someone who still lingers in a space even though all memory of them has faded away. She is lost and confused, and is not sure why she's still there. Her sense of identity is slowly deteriorating to the point where it's hard for her to remember that she was even human at one point. Memory fades, the world moves on, and there's nothing that can be done that can stop it.