Kayti Lahsaiezadeh "Mercy"

    for Natalie, wherever she is

I want to hold hands and hear you beg,
like that game we played in school. Wear

my role ‘til it’s worn thin—wicked step-
mom or the neighborhood hellcat—bend 

your baby fat ‘til it breaks at the wrists.
I want to kiss you and complete the circle,

tongue that blunt, brass-knuckled innocence.
You’re the stump I want to split—I’m honing

a hatchet just for you, honeybear, tucking the right
bullets into my overalls—I don’t even own a gun.

Cavity, aren’t you the sweetest when you’re full?
You’re the switchblade at the rumble, the Holy

Ghost in my communion wine. Keep this in mind,
next time you’re out burgling: pain is a dangerous 

game to play. Come here, sit down and tell me all
about it. What kill have you dragged home today?