Kayti Lahsaiezadeh "Dream in Which I Interview Kali, Goddess of Destruction"

Dream in Which I Interview Kali, Goddess of Destruction


Q: How does the body know to fill itself, the way a flute is filled with breath?

A: By design. In the same way a weaver’s finger knows to find the flaws in fabric. When I play god, I want to reap chaos, I want to savor the satisfaction of unraveling the warp and weft of the world.

Q: What’s the marlin’s best feature?

A: [Laughs] Trick question. The marriage of all her features. Her rapier snout, the electric blue swatches of her skin, her speed, her hunger, her ferocity. The eclipse of her eye. 

Q: What is the act of love?

A: Insert your loneliness inside someone else’s loneliness. Insert Slot A into Slot B, fold together. It is wanting just bad enough to hurt. None of it makes sense. Love is like any organ – a stomach, a lung, a bleeding heart that fills and is emptied. Now wake up, your mother is calling.