Kelsey Johnson "White Girls"

On intersectional feminism, forgiveness, friendship & difficult conversations

White girls/might as well say my girls/might as well say/
Sisters/say sisters cus we're all in this together/might
As well say whatever the weather we stick together/
Type deal/might as well say whether the weather be cold/
Whether the weather makes you peel off your sweater/
Whether you like sweaters or not/whether you prefer bikini
Tops or suspenders/you're still my sisters

Don't get me wrong/I been angry for a long time/I been
Angry with these white girls/got that brittle bone type feeling/
Got that dry socket feeling in my mouth/got memories of the
south/painting bloody watercolors in my dreams when I close my eyes
At night/Got Kendrick in my ear singing/we gon' be alright/But
Got them white girls singing negro nose 'long with 'Yonce/
Got them box braids/
Got them baby hairs laid/
Got that club twerk train/

And i'll say/I'll say/I been tryin' to be seen for 300 years now/
Still remember how you won the vote and wouldn't pull me
Up to stand next to you/Dug the heel of your shoe in my back/
You forgot but/I couldn't/(how could i)/forget that

But you still my sisters/and when we listen to each other/when
I forgive/and you pull the wool from your eyes/
(and when i do the same cus let's face it i ain't no saint)/
When we praise each others thighs and waists/and I celebrate
Your success/and you celebrate mine/That's when we are at Our Best
/that's when we are blessed/
Then we will paint the skies red with our lipstick n blood/
And set the world ablaze