Ciara Smith, "Cleopatra Suite IV: The Escape"

Cleopatra Suite IV: The Escape
*Italicized are lyrics from Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids”
**in the style of Tyehimba Jess

      they have taken Cleopatra                             and yet I have taken myself back, I 

                                                     run run run,

      come back for my glory                                leave behind no legacy for them to legitimize. 
                                even now they look for the black queen--

      bring her back to me                                    they say, as the hieroglyphic of respectability

                                                     run run run, 
     the crown of our pharaoh                              singing my praises with a mummified larynx, but

    the throne of our queen is empty--                  Cleopatra isn’t even my name.

Hannah Schneider