Ciara Smith, "Untitled"

she is blue-black, like the sky, like the reminder that her skin is not the dark backdrop for stars to shine, like shine is over-rated, like you don’t need light when you can see in the dark, like she is the black hole that pulls you in, like she drank the milky way, like the planets were just pulp, like no wonder she has galaxies inside of her, like her mouth left chapstick stains on the solar system, like they called her lips a meteor, like they keep mistaking her showers for shooting stars, like they kiss her like they’re wishing on a supernova, like maybe she is a supernova, like she wishes she could grant her own wishes, like maybe some shine isn’t over-rated after all, like everyone wonders how she could feel alone, like no one ever realizes when you hold the universe inside of you, there is no one left to hold you.

-For D


pc: Rebecca Robinson @rerobinson