Lanie , "I am not here for you"

“I Am Not Here For You”


She’s hasn’t always been there.



My mirror has become my right-hand gal.

She’s there for me when I’m feeling my body, every single bit it has to offer the world.

She compliments my hair when it is voluminous and shining like a boat in summer water.

She comments on my legs that hold me while I’m shaking my ass.



She’s there to bring me back down.

She’s there to show me my dimply thighs, which remind me of the moon, but softer from love.

She’s there to remind me of my subtle hips, curving in towards my core like parentheses.

She’s there to point out my stomach that perches itself above my pelvic bones, waiting for me to show it some love someday.



Some days she is forgiving.

Other days she is ill-mannered and prompts me to pick and pull at myself.




My mirror is a gift.

She offers compliments and advice.

She is stupid honest, yet kind.




She’s always been there.


I have always been here.




And I am not here for you. Stay out of my fucking DMs.