Our Misson


At thread,  our mission is to

           make  space  for profound and        intentional  

 intersectional feminist art that exhibits how exactly


intersectionality can be represented and fulfilled.


** we use intersectionality as the term developed and established by Dr. Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, civil rights advocate and pioneer in critical race theory. We owe her our current feminist politic and are eternally grateful for her work.


Feminism is relevant and necessary in today's world. Not just any feminism. There is an inherency and an obligation of feminism to encompass a broad scope of issues and topics that effect and influence individuals in society. At thread we believe that intersectionality is not simply complementary to the feminist ideology but, rather, it's core truth.


Our goal is to make space for profound feminist art, or art by feminists, and to prioritize voices not regularly heard in feminist dialogue. Every perspective is important because every lived experience is different.


We seek to recognize, respect, affirm and advocate for the ways in which multiple forms and institutions of oppression function in tandem with one another. Examples include but are not limited to: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, classism. 

Art has the ability to breech communication barriers and to expand upon the ways in which we view others, their identities and their lived experiences. Thread was created to make space for such artists. The artists featured on the site seek to expand the dialogue and complicate the narrative; all while possessing and representing an intersectional feminist thread. 


 Part of our mission is to explain and communicate what we believe and the reasons behind this. If these concepts are simply things that you have not been introduced to, there are ways to learn without demanding marginalized groups to explain themselves. For more information, contact us at afeministthread@gmail or visit our Facebook page


Interested in being a featured artist? email afeministthread@gmail.com or visit the submission page on this site.