M.S. Swain "movements after a bad night"

pc lanie yorgen

pc lanie yorgen

your colors are tired
your buttons have fled
even the deepest stains
    have long faded

you move—
    your legs and arms
        and fingers—
like something stuck to the wind

gently, one motion, one direction at a time

the larger parts shift first, what’s
    connected follows
biceps, forearms, palms, thumbs
thigh, knee, shin, ankle, toes
    what’s that song
        about the bible story in the desert?
    them bones, your bones once
    below their purple and brown pools
safe now, wrapped in dim skin

my poems are getting too short
    to talk about this, maybe a little
    abstract with all their indents and stuff
but anyway, you were never broken
and we always thought you were just long enough
    with all your indents and abstractions and stuff