Ashley Vandervelde


Ashley is a fine art photographer who is dedicated to exploring the personal narratives of people and places. I tell their stories through my photography. I have always been a nostalgic person who reflects on the past. This has led me to a career of creating beauty out of the everyday, mundane, and overlooked. I feel as though I am constantly questioning the world around me and searching for answers through my art. 


I have grown to understand this outlook I use to understand others, is the same I use to understand myself. I utilize what I know now, to reflect and respond to what I have faced previously. I do so in an effort to inspire and educate myself, as well as anyone who seeks the same answers I search for. A healthy portion of my artistic career has been spent trying to understand myself and my place as a woman. As a feminist I speak towards the equal worth of a women, and other marginalized groups, both intellectually and physically. I strive to support a woman's contribution to society, in whatever lifestyle she sees fit. I fight for the right of a woman despite her sex determined at birth. I use my art to bring light to these issues as they affect my personal life and those around me, and as long as I am still curious, I will not stop looking for those answers.


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